Radio Frequency Shielding

Radio Frequency (RF) shielding protects diagnostic imaging systems against outside radio signal interference. A poor RF shield will result in poor image quality. Medishield experts can design and construct a shield that will insure you are provided with the best image quality possible. Medishield. offers many different unique designs to meet your shielding needs. We recommend shielding RF rooms with 12 ounce copper sheets where all seams are lapped and soldered continuously to achieve the highest quality shield available. We also offer a 26 gauge galvanized modular panel system. Medishield RF shields are guaranteed to meet or exceed all equipment vendor specifications and each RF shield includes testing and documentation of integrity by an independent testing laboratory.

Magnectic Shielding

Magnetic shielding is used to reduce the gauss field outside an MRI room. If not reduced or contained, the magnetic field produced can give adverse effects on nearby electronic equipment. The steel shielding requirements are determined by magnet size and specific site conditions. Medishield specializes in low-carbon steel and silicon steel multi-layered applications, which can be manufactured and installed in any size and thickness. We can supply solutions ranging from a single remote wall to a complete steel enclosure. Medishield is equipped to provide all of the structural framing and steel plate complete with knock-out panels for even the most complex shielding design.

Magic Seal RF Door

Our Magic Seal Pneumatic RF Doors are some of the easiest to operate and best functioning doors on the market today and we custom build and factory test each one prior to delivery to the job site.

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