Medishield, Inc. was founded in April, 2009, though a new company in name only.
Operated by David Jacobs, who has been working in the shielding industry for over 16 years.

Over the years we have achieved a reputation for getting the job done on time and
within budget guidelines while applying the most modern techniques and principles of construction.

We learned that to achieve quality you have to work through team work, have expert field supervision, careful planning and most importantly, personalized attention to detail.

Satisfied clients appreciate our honesty, dependability, pricing, flexibility and our sensitivity to the demands placed on them by the marketplace. Our strong financial position and bond ability bring an additional measure of comfort. From project inception through final completion, Medishield, Inc. is dedicated to our client’s satisfaction.

Our mission is simply to provide our customer with the highest level of service at a value price as well as providing a quality working environment for our employees.

Our Specific Advantages:

  • A shielding contractor that has received approval from many of the largest medical equipment manufacturers in the field
  • A shielding contractor with over 10 years of experience and many successful completed projects to our credit
  • A thorough understanding of the specific equipment needs with a strong commitment towards meeting both your expectations as well as the end users
  • Full time on site supervision provided during each phase of the work so to assure the highest level of quality while maintaining both the schedule and a safe working environment
  • Financial responsibility evidenced by our strong cash position and our bonding capabilities through American Bonding, Inc.
  • Value added pricing with an emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Flexible and certain to meet your construction schedule no matter how demanding